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If you are a busy company and are not geared up or do not have access abililty to chase up your current and old debt, then I could be there to help you.

All I would require is a copy of your aged debtors or list of clients and I will chase your customers via a letter system, which works as follows:

Letter 1 - This letter would be a polite notice to see if your customer has overlooked payment.

Letter 2 - This letter will follow seven days after letter one has gone out, this will be a final demand in order to make payment.

Letter 3 - This letter will follow a further seven days after letter two. This one would be a notice of proceedings.

If the customer still persists on not paying I will follow up with a further phone call.

Most people by this point have paid but should anyone still persist in not paying then I can take them to small claims court.